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The Supernatural Show of Neiman-Marcus


Palm Beach is so hoity-toity that when the Neiman Marcus wanted to open up its branch store, it had to prove to the town council that over half its customers would be local residents! Neiman Marcus of Dallas is famous for its over the top gifts that appeals to the millionaire and the billionaire that has everything.

Just as the living have conventions, so do spirits who meet to learn how to put on an ever better haunt show or improve their scare tactics. Ghosts are serious about the haunting business. They gather here every year to put on the greatest scariest show ever as they try to out do one or another.  These ghosts like to put on supernatural spectaculars especially around Halloween time.

Over the years, several people have accidentally stumbled upon this show but only one lived long enough to share his horrifying account.  He claimed that Ed Sullivan was the guest emcee that year!


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