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Ghosts of Palm Beach dedicates itself to exploring the supernatural, paranormal phenomena, the occult manifestations, and the ghostly happenings. We want to give you an experience that has no equal. We want to challenge your mental facilities and powers of observation. If you dare, participate in our trek into the unknown, share your ghostly experiences with others, and ask yourself: Do you believe what you see, hear, smell, and touch? Do you?

We do not attempt to prove the existence of ghosts or to explain the paranormal; you will decide whether to believe – or not. We intend to expand your imagination and present you with a fun evening of rich storytelling and maybe a chill or two. We hope your experience will inspire you to seek out your own stories and share them.

We conduct our tours with great respect for the, “out of body people”. After all they are no different from us – they are merely free of the physical world.

The Ghosts of Palm Beach tour is narrated by passionate experts who like the dark corners; we are a spooky, beautiful ocean breeze fueled walk into the unexplained spiritual realm of the most unusual island there is. Our tour gives you the opportunity to explore scandal, glamour, and the supernatural associated with Palm Beachers from long gone.

We can also provide storytelling at your event. We would love to share our experiences/ history/ etc at your gatherings. Contact us for more information.

Ghost Walks USA operates ghost walking tours in many cities, including Ghosts of New York, Ghosts of Palm Beach (This site), Ghosts of New Haven, Ghosts of Albany, and “Scary DC” Ghost Tours of Washington.

Our Audience
Our company offers talks and walks, to entertain and educate people about Palm Beach and its neighbors. We will customize our walks and programs to suit the needs of your family, group, association or special occasion. Our company provides speakers, guides and experts on Palm Beach who have special skills for making each every talk and walk unique and memorable for every group whether it is for kindergartners or goldenagers, for visitors or Palm Beach natives.

Our Credentials
We employ scholars and story tellers that have published research and stories on ghosts. We train our guides to give pleasing presentations. Above all, we maintain quality control so that we will offer the same high standards of entertainment, education, and enlightenment to every group. Our guides are hometown people that know Palm Beach County. Whether you are a skeptic or a believer, you will not be disappointed!

Suggestions Welcomed
We welcome suggestions from our customers on how we can improve our tours and our services. Whether you are a skeptic or a believer, we never wanted to be haunted by the disappointment of our customers!! E-mail suggestions to


Our Ghost Hosts



Marina is our Friday night guide. She is currently a local college student. Who enjoys the paranormal, and works with adults and children teaching them how to create pottery, that they will cherish for a lifetime.



Damian is our Saturday night host. He is originally from the island of Jamaica. He enjoys the paranormal, and has a strong upbringing with ghosts and spirits. Ask him about his early childhood and things he has seen and heard!!! Spooky!!



Evan is our guide manager. He is a retired Cub Scout leader and member of Sunshine Paranormal. He loves the paranormal, and teaching people the ins and outs of the spirit world.



Debra is our back guide. She loves the paranormal and is a sensitive to its surrounding. You might have seen her on TV and on the big screen. She has been on the Glades, South Beach Tow, Pain and Gain, and recently the Isle Casino as a dancer.