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Ghosts of Palm Beach

Spooky Ghost Tours in Palm Beach

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Palm Beach's #1 Paranormal Experience

Great Tour

"Rae and her mom were awesome! They were so knowledgeable about the local history and made the tour very interesting and fun. Rae and her mom brought along some equipment that we got to use at some stops which was great! We got to find the ghosts using all the newest technology. I’d take this tour again when I’m in town next!"

– Gory · Tripadvisor
Haunted Worth Avenue...

"From haunted clocktowers to drownings from the 20’s.... we also met the conquistador that haunts Nieman Marcus as well as a demon poltergeist that haunts Gucci (now the island company).... we loved the stories of Johnny the monkey 🐒 and the John Lennon building. Finally, the tombstones in Palm Beach’s only cemetery left a spooky impression!

– Gia · Tripadvisor

"Our tour started off with such amazing energy. And going in open minded to some fun, my friend and I actually heard some paranormal spirit. We also felt something pull at our feet. Believe what you will. It freaked us out. The tour guide was absolutely amazing and when we found out we were out during a blood moon it made everything a lot creepier.

– Darce· Tripadvisor