Ghosts of Palm Beach

Spooky Palm Beach Ghost Tours

Palm Beach is Haunted!

Our walking tour company explores the supernatural side of Palm Beach, Florida’s most interesting ghost town.  It is now Florida’s premier ghost city. The City is unique in having commuter or snowbird ghosts who prefer to escape the cold winter up north and when spring comes to migrate back up north to resume their haunting. Once the glittering jewel in the crown of the East Coast’s social set, Palm Beach retains some of its mystique from the early part of the twentieth century. In some cases, the party, it seems, is destined to go on forever, as spectral revelers mingle at an eternal soiree.The Palm Beach ghosts are like its people valuing discretion and privacy over publicity. In NYC and the Los Angeles, the jet set craves publicity. Here the Palm Beach well-to-do and the celebrated, whether in life or in the astral plane, value their privacy.


Chanel Boutique has a Smelly Spirit

Chanel Boutique at 301 Worth Avenue N has acquired a smelly spirit. When you are rich, and do something unusual, you are considered “eccentric” instead of “crazy.”  There was one nouveau riche patron that would constantly bought perfume at this store.  It was unusual that it was a man yet.  The client did not take…

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The Mysterious Library Patron

Every good library needs a ghost. The Mandel Public Library of the Palm Beach County Public Library at 411 Clematis St, West Palm Beach, FL 33401 is no exception.  When the day’s patrons have left their studies to return to the warmth of their friends and families, the library ghost pursues his quest with unrelenting…

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