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Memorial Fountain Park where Ghosts like to take a Stroll


Dedicated by the Memorial Fountain Commission in 1929, the plaza at 360 South County Road was presented to the town by Harold S. Vanderbilt, its chairman, “as a gift from its residents.” The design was by local architect Addison Mizner. The design is a simple linear plaza with a central reflecting pool lined by walks, tightly clipped hedges and evenly spaced palms. On the upper terrace is a central fountain, inspired by the Fountain of the Sea Horses, an 18th century work by Christopher Unterberger at the Villa Borghese in Rome.  This is the moss popular meeting place for ghosts in Palm Beach as ghosts of humble and upper class origin enjoy the park.  A World War II memorial plaque was added in 1985. Since then, some of soldiers that died in the conflict seem to gather more to reminiscence than to engage in haunting John Lennon who lived nearby sometimes comes by.


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