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Ta-boo Restaurant and Wild Spirits


Ghosts of Palm Beach Blog 10 Ta-boo Restaurant and Wild Spirits © 2018 by Dr. Philip Ernest Schoenberg, Ghost with a Blog #ghost

Parties were pretty outrageous in the ‘80s. Wild rumors circulate about the bathrooms in this place (not hard to imagine what those might entail) but you’d be hard pressed to get any of the regulars to regale you with anecdotes about the old days. When questioned about some of the Ta-boo’s notorious parties, a party-goer replied, “What happened in Palm Beach stays in Palm Beach.”

You can see jungle scenes featuring a spider monkey painted in several areas of the restaurant. According to the one of the managers, the Italian artist who painted it was drunk most of the time largely because he was remunerated by way of alcohol and the staff would find him passed out the next morning. The artist reported having strange visions during the night, of seeing people dancing in silence in the empty room, but everybody wrote this off as the effects of alcohol and other substances.

Legend says that when Frank Sinatra visited. The piano player started to play the Godfather theme. Unhappy with this., Frank Sinatra sent a member of his party over to the piano player when pianist refused to stop playing the theme. He closed the piano drawer on his fingers. The playing stopped.

One of the cleaners recently reported chasing a couple dressed in ‘80s-style clothing out of the lounge when it was closed during the day but when the security guards reviewed the video footage, nobody but the cleaner showed up in the tapes.

Even stranger, during World War II a man with a German accent walked into Taboo. He wore a captains hat and had a heavy German accent. He sat at the bar and ordered a drink. Some of the bar guests asked if he was a German U boat captain jokingly. He smiled and grinned and said nothing. He finished his drink and left. One customer followed him as he walked towards the beach. When all of a sudden from a hiding spot be pulled out a rubber raft. He climbed in, and went out to sea. The man wearing the Captains hat and had a German accent was never seen again. As so goes the legend.

© 2017 by Dr. Philip Ernest Schoenberg, Ghost with a Blog #ghost

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