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The Mysterious Library Patron


Every good library needs a ghost. The Mandel Public Library of the Palm Beach County Public Library at 411 Clematis St, West Palm Beach, FL 33401 is no exception.  When the day’s patrons have left their studies to return to the warmth of their friends and families, the library ghost pursues his quest with unrelenting devotion, The ghost flips through page after page in a feverish search for some unknown, and perhaps unknowable, truth.


Speculation is only too easy. The page-rustler could be the restless shade of a long-gone scholar whose lifeline frayed out before he completed the one great work that would have rendered his name immortal.  A researcher bent on a mission of the most arcane sort lost in time and space–but at home in the library, convinced that the next page, or the next, will yield the truth so long sought.


We wish him well. We invite him to stop by the reference desk to ask for help, even if his origins and motives baffle us (a situation we experience with some of our corporeal clients).  In any case, we know one thing: In the library, after hours, we are never alone. The rustling of pages proves it.

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