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Chanel Boutique has a Smelly Spirit


Chanel Boutique at 301 Worth Avenue N has acquired a smelly spirit. When you are rich, and do something unusual, you are considered “eccentric” instead of “crazy.”  There was one nouveau riche patron that would constantly bought perfume at this store.  It was unusual that it was a man yet.  The client did not take baths so he smelled to high heaven.  Since he was neither King Henry VIII of England nor Czarina Catherine the Great who also took no baths, he had had to take measures to cover up the smells.

Like them, an eccentric believed that taking a bath was unhealthy.   He took his one and only bath as an adult after his death so people could attend his funeral.  His ghost still patronizes the store in hope of finding a suitable perfume to hide his rather ripe smells!  If you enter the store at certain and smell something disgusting, it indicates that the ghost is present! Sometimes, the clerks discover that some of the perfume bottles have lost of their contents because apparently the ghost has used it.  The clerks, earthly and supernatural, still have not revealed the name of their smelly client!

Recently, Kelli our tour guide was with her daughter as a helper and guests. They topped in front of the Channel store to tell the Ghostly tale.  Then all of a sudden, they smelled a pungent odor. The odor only lasted a few seconds but smelled like a mix of body odor and cologne.

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