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The Conquistador


The Conquistador likes to be seen or walk outside the deck of the administration offices of Neiman-Marcus at 151 Worth Avenue. Some paranormal experts believe it is because its the same height of his ship deck would have been.

 The sixteenth century Spanish conquistador century experienced a mutiny by his crewmates after a horrendous shipwreck.  The sailors slit his throat and still living, dragged him behind what is the building today and hung him by a cabbage palm as means of a slow death so he could be exposed to the elements and creatures and bleed out.

Now it is said that you get your standard hauntings behavior such as doors opening and closing (primarily the back entrance), footsteps, and a strong scent of spices. The cause for this is unknown.  But mostly, the third-floor administration team is quite often disturbed with paper floating in mid-air when the clerical staff is looking from the corner of their eye. This only seems to happen when only one person is occupying that office at a time.

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