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We are looking for Guides and Guide Managers. If you are interested in either of these positions, please e-mail us your resume and other information to Please use either Microsoft Word or PDF format.

Please use either Microsoft Word or PDF format.


Ghosts of Palm Beach seeks people willing to be trained as guides to do ghost/spirit walks of Palm Beach. Previous experience as a guide, in acting, sales and other public speaking experiences are additional pluses. If accepted, you will be trained, observed before doing a tour public, and then hired. You will be asked to signed a non-compete agreement as a requirement of employment.

Nature of the Business
You will be expected to do a 90 minute tour approximately a mile in length one or two times per night. Our tours are scheduled for every Saturday at 7:30 PM and depending upon seasonable demand at other days and other times. We also give private tours at the convenience of the customers.

Your job as a walking tour guide is to be an informative, an entertaining and even an educational interpreter of the supernatural that makes the ghosts of Albany come hauntingly alive.


  • You must speak well. No monotone voice.
  • You must be an entertaining story teller. Satisfied customers spread the word and return; bored customers don’t return and discourage others from signing up
  • Any experience as a guide, actor or sales person will be an added virtue. .
  • You must possess a great imagination and be creative.
  • Be flexible in dealing with the unexpected.
  • Have the physical endurance to walk at a steady pace that leaves no one behind. The walks are about a mile to be done in an about 1½ hours.
  • Walking tours take place in Albany so some familiarity of the city is required.
  • Punctual and reliable. If you arrive late to a tour or do not arrive at all, it could result in the cancellation of that tour and would hurt us as a whole.

You will be paid per tour plus you keep all tips.

Guide Managers

  • Hire guides
    • Answer inquires.
    • Interview people.
    • Recommend who to hire.
  • Train guides
    • Have trainees sign confidential non-compete agreements.
    • Provide written materials on the tour
    • Have the trainees observe tours.
    • Have the would-be guide demonstrate competence to the manager by giving the tour to the manager.
  • Be a role model
    • Be able to do tours as needed and be able to train guides.
    • Be able to assist guides to improve performances.
  • Evaluate preparation
    • Observe they know the material.
    • Observe they can present the material.
  • Monitor the guides
    • See that the guides show up in a timely fashion.
    • Observe and evaluate performance of guides.
  • Greet customers
    • Collect tickets and/or check off that they show up and collect any cash.
    • Sell merchandise in the future such as tee-shirts and books.
    • Find where people come from.
    • Observe gender and age range of customers.
    • Do a head count of how many people showed up.
    • Report on no shows.