Cowboys of the Sea

Before Winthrop House residential development was built at 100 Worth Avenue and South Ocean Boulevard, there stood a bathhouse, founded by Gus Jourdauhn. He was a former Coney Island lifeguard who had saved 28 people in one day that settled down in Palm Beach Island, after he spent his honeymoon here in 1911.   Captain…

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Johnnie Brown and Laddie Best of Friends

In Palm Beach, after business owners close up shop for the day, several of them instruct their employees to leave a dish of sliced bananas outside their door to appease the spirit of Johnny Brown, Addison Mizner’s pet monkey, who haunts this area.  Johnny Brown, “the human monkey,” was Addison Mizner’s constant companion, and the…

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The Five Most Haunted Locations on the Island of Palm Beach

Palm Beach is Florida’s premier ghost city, unique for its multitude of transient spirits.  Many of these are commuter or snowbird ghosts.  They flock to Palm Beach to escape the cold winter up north, and then migrate back up north to resume their haunting when springtime rolls around.  Palm Beach, once the glittering jewel in…

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