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Gucci Goes Ghostless


The Gucci store at 150 Worth is not at the original location.  Originally, Gucci was located at 256 Worth Ave. However, that location was having some issues.  Gucci moved here in 2010 to escape a ghost haunting it at its original location at 256 Worth Avenue where a phantom of unknown origin haunted the premises.  It was a poltergeist that constantly moved things around.

At first, it was playful, mimicking type ghostly behavior. Lights flickered, voices called people’s names for them to respond to no one. Just like at Whitehall, you could go to open a locked door and you try and try again and it will not budge. Then, when you throw up your hands and turn around to walk away, you hear the hinge press against itself. You turn around and the door is open.

A paranormal researcher was called in and noted the sound of a dripping which had been heard before according to an interview. This concerned him a great deal being as dripping can be a sign of demon-like presence. They called in more than a couple experts to abolish the spirit using methods from smudging to unofficial exorcism to no avail. Finally, they said, “We’re Gucci, we’ll just move!” And so, they did.

Over the years, they tried various types of exorcism – Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and even traditional African – none of which worked.  In vain, they employed the services of at least two psychics to discover why they were haunted.  They finally solved the problem by simply moving.  The spirit did not move with the store and was never heard from again.

Both buildings have been dormant since. We believe that through the transfer of employees when they moved, a staff member was traded elsewhere and was likely the trigger to the problem.

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