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Ta-boo Restaurant


Erin O’Neil-Crooks, a former guide manager of Ghosts of Palm Beach, reported in 2012, “I was walking down the avenue greeting all the businesses and introducing us walked past Ta-boo and hears a man calling from the back of the building, “Is that her? The one who does the ghost tours?” She, of course, waited for the man on the street and he told her, “I have a ghost in this restaurant”. Come to find out that this gentleman was the night manager of Ta-boo. He went on to tell the staff member about a childlike presence felt by more than some of the wait staff at the service stations here. The spirit like to, “tap on the shoes of the servers and tug on them”. We were naturally thrilled to hear this information as it could relate to our tale from so long ago about our two girls. You see, though the ladies did not die here, a trauma was experienced. In the paranormal world, one can at times, witness a repeat spectral event seemingly stemmed from a traumatic event in life. So it begs the question, are the girls returning to this place because of brunch? Or maybe they are guardians of the bathroom here at Ta-boo.”


Ghosts of Palm Beach Blog 15 Our Guide’s Experience at Ta-boo Restaurant © 2018 by Dr. Philip Ernest Schoenberg, Ghost with a Blog #ghost

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