Private Tour: Ghosts of Palm Beach

  • Very Scary
Groups 1-5 Persons
Groups 6-10 Persons

Private Tour: Ghosts of Palm Beach Tour

150$ 1-5 person Groups; 250$ 6-9 person Groups; 1 mile walk; 1.5 hour duration

Tour Description: Ghosts of Palm Beach dedicates itself to exploring the supernatural, paranormal phenomena, the occult manifestations, and the ghostly happenings. We want to give you an experience that has no equal, and that haunts your dreams. We want to challenge your mental facilities and powers of observation. If you dare participate, we will tell you about the ghosts of Louis Vitton, Chanel, and even the founder of West Palm Beach.

Meeting Point: 172 Worth Ave. at Living Wall Park (Behind Saks Fifth Ave.)

Duration: Our Palm Beach walking ghost tours are 90 minutes in duration and less than a mile in length.

Disclaimer: The Ghosts of Palm Beach cannot be held responsible for any haunting, supernatural event, soul-possession or poltergeist activity endured before, during or after participation on the tour.